Satellite Services

Elite is able to provide worldwide satellite coverage for the delivery of voice and data services.The most favorable satellite coverage is on Echostar 105 which is fully licensed to deliver services in both the Continental United States and the Gulf of Mexico. Through our agreements and partnerships with global satellite operators, Elite has chosen satellites with applicable footprints for providing services anywhere on the globe in both Ku and C band.

Elite provides satellite services for both voice and data, and a wide variety of bandwidth options are available. For voice telephony, each package includes 2 phone numbers, and additional phone numbers can be added in a variety of Area Codes. Both analog and IP Phones are available, and Fax machines are available for rent as well. All satellite packages include both hardline and wireless connections and network segmentation is available to separate business and crew welfare traffic. Content filtering and WiFi scheduling is available to keep your users focused on work then they need to and prevent abuse of network resources


Satellite Offerings


Fixed VSAT

Elite provides Fixed VSAT services for both temporary and permanent installations on land. For these installations, only a small footprint is needed for us to install our antenna, clear of any obstructions in the immediate vicinity south of the dish. We will also need to be able to run a cable from the antenna to our indoor equipment, and this indoor equipment will need a power source.

Stabilized VSAT 

For workboats, liftboats and other vessels, a stabilized VSAT terminal may be a better fit, as it will stay connected even while the vessel is in motion. These can be mounted either to a handrail for temporary installs or a to a permanent welded pedestal. Elite uses primarily Intellian Antennas for these installations and is an Intellian Partner.

Auto-Acquire VSAT

Elite supplies auto-acquisition antennas with the capability of automatically acquiring the satellite signal.  They are typically mounted on the top of vehicles, trailers, and skids.  After onsite setup, the antenna will find the satellite with the push of one button.

Microwave Services

Elite is experienced in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave systems both offshore and on land. From planning & engineering to installations and maintenance, we can provide the skills and expertise needed to realize your microwave network from beginning to end. 

LTE Services

Elite can tailor LTE solutions both on land and in the Gulf of Mexico with our partnerships with various onshore and offshore wireless network providers.

Ready to Deploy Communications Skids

For vessels where an onsite technician install is not feasible, or situations where the antenna may need to be relocated from time to time, Elite also offers Ready-to-Deploy stabilized skid units. These systems consists of an indoor unit, where phone and network connections can be made, and an outdoor unit that can be placed anywhere on the deck of a vessel or barge that has power and line of sight to the indoor unit. A wireless bridge allows connection between the indoor and outdoor units. Skids are available in stabilized and auto-aquire satellite varieties as well as LTE in select locations. Elite skids and slings meet DNV 2.7-1 specifications.

Two-Way Radio

Elite offers both base and handheld radios in both UHF & VHF Frequencies. Programming of custom channels to work within your needs is available. Intrinsically Safe (Class 1/Div 2) Radios are available for Classified Areas,

Rig Intercom Systems

Elite's custom wireless intercom system allows station to station paging and calling for rig sites. Intrinsically Safe (Class 1/Div 2) outdoor speakers and outdoor telephones are available for stations in Classified Areas such as mud pits and the rig floor. 

Project Management

Elite offers in house Project Managers and Coordinators. From project conception through project close, our PM offering provides customers with a single point of contact through the life of the project.

Key benefits provided:

  • Project Planning
  • Performance and Control
  • Resource Management
  • Budget and Change management