Elite Communication Services, Inc. is a full-service telecommunications company based in Lafayette, LA. We are a privately owned company founded in 2006. Elite provides outstanding value and reliable communication services to our clientele.  Our large-scale operations group provides quick response to customer needs, while our scaled management approach delivers the flexibility to meet customer needs.

Through our partnerships, we are able to access global satellite and terrestrial communications systems. These systems specialize in delivering mission-critical, network services, and satcom technology for international organizations in several business arenas including oil and gas, maritime, mobile network operators, carriers, governments, NGOs and worldwide enterprises. We reach the most remote and/or challenging areas of the world.

Elite maintains skilled technical personnel certified with all standard and customer required safety training for both, installation and service. Our experienced technicians have onshore based training encompassing the unique hazards associated with land drilling. Our offshore competencies are industry recognized and our technicians have the experience to work in the trying offshore environment effectively and safely.

Elite provides tower certified personnel for any applications that require climbing or work at heights. Our tower crews work both onshore and offshore and have passed all rigging, safety, and rescue certifications to complete tasks in a safe, accurate and efficient manner.

Elite provides base and hand held two-way radio products and service, as well as, wired and wireless intercoms. Elite understands that communication is not just “ship to shore” but “local” to the platform or rig and site where the work is being done.  

Elite’s indoor equipment includes office equipment such as fax machine rental and sales, cellular signal boosters, printers and scanners. As the need for more robust data transfer from remote sites has grown, Elite constantly strives to deliver the office equipment necessary to successfully meet the requirements of today’s increasingly technical challenges.

Additionally, Elite provides access to Mobile Satellite Systems for use as both primary and secondary communications. Our portfolio includes Inmarsat systems, BGAN units, Iridium phones and services capable of Fleet Broadband units. 

Our goal is to deliver the best quality service at an affordable price for all your communication needs. Regardless of the criteria associated with a job, Elite will be a trusted partner for all your communication needs.